Cottonwood filters will change the way you clean your air handling units, condenser coils and cooling towers by eliminating / reducing the use of cleaning chemicals and reducing maintenance time to a fraction of that required of traditional methods. Engineered to provide a balance between filtration performance and airflow, cottonwood filters stop airborne debris on the outside of your equipment where it is easy to see and clean.  A special “non-stick” surface combined with bonded fibers prevent adhesion of debris so cleaning your equipment simply doesn’t get any easier than this!!

3 types of commercial grade cottonwood filters:

  • Standard Duty Cottonwood Filters
  • Includes: Standard Duty Commercial Mesh, Standard Fiber Reinforced OuterBinding andChoice of Standard Duty, Quick Release Nylon Toggle Fasteners, Self-tapping Screws & Bonded Washers or Nylon Zip Ties.

    Ideal For: use on all condenser and chiller coils, Louvers and air handling units.
    Extraordinary low static pressure impact at low and high air volume & velocities

    • Fine Mesh Grade Commercial Cotton Filters

    Includes: Fine Mesh with Fiber Reinforced Outer Binding and Choice of Durable, Quick Release Nylon Toggle or Twist Lock Fasteners or, Self-tapping Screws with Bonded Washers. 

    Ideal For: Machine Motor Air Intake Housings and HVAC Systems (e.g., spot cooler condenser coils, fan motors, etc).

    • Medium Duty Commercial Grade Cotton Filters

    Includes: Engineered HVAC Mesh with an Outer Hem and Heavy Duty, Fiber Reinforced Vinyl Strip Sandwiched between Hems. Commercial Grade Grommets with Quick Release Twist Lock (1/4 Turn Stud) Fasteners or Self-tapping Screws and Bonded Washer Fasteners.

    Ideal For: all louvers, rooftop units, air handling units and some cooling towers.

    Extraordinary low static pressure impact at low and high air volume & velocities

    5 ways to clean cottonwood filters:

    • So easy you can remove debris with your hand
    • Broom or brush
    • Shop Vacuum
    • Blower Vacuum
    • Garden Hose