Air inlet filter screens reduces maintenance time, effort and energy cost. Also known as air intake or air inlet screens / filters, helps mechanical equipment run clean & efficient all season long. And if you are working on leed certification, cottonwood filter screens can help you earn cost effective credit points so you don’t go broke going green!

Cottonwood filter screens (or air intake filter screens) are compatible with all equipment makes & models. Including, condenser coil filters, air handling unit filters, cooling tower filters and louver filters.  All cottonwood filter screens are specifically engineered for use on low to high volume/high velocity mechanical systems – with extraordinary low impact on airflow and static pressure. Air intake filter systems are an important element in a well managed cooling system maintenance program. Companies today cannot afford to be faced with downtime and loss of productivity nor can they afford the health risks associated with a poorly maintained cooling system. Our air intake filtration systems are a cost effective way for any company that relies on process and/or environmental cooling to keep their operation running smoothly,” says ken simmons, president of the air solution company.

With the summer months upon us, we are moving into the most problematic time of the year from a cooling maintenance perspective. By using air intake filtration systems, we can help companies minimize downtime and maintain a healthier more efficient cooling system.” The air solution company filtration systems are used in a variety of commercial applications including: automotive assembly, hospitals & healthcare facilities, colleges & universities, energy & fuel, food processing, office buildings, textile manufacturing, pulp & paper and waste water treatment.  With this new air intake filter system, the Air Solution Company can meet the full spectrum of air intake filtration needs. The new filter system is designed for small and large air intake openings.

Seasonal Problems
Air intake problems are usually seasonal in nature and the times of the year that represent the greatest maintenance challenges are spring, summer and fall. depending upon the season and region of the country, different environmental factors come into play. in the spring, nesting birds are frequently problematic (especially in cooling towers). in areas where cottonwood trees exist, you can count on cottonwood seed being a problem during the summer. in tropical and moist regions, insects are frequently problematic during spring and summer and in rural and farming regions, leaves, pollen and crop harvest debris can be problematic during the summer and fall.  Maintaining good air and water ecology are important elements in managing healthy and efficient hvac systems. however, until recently, most businesses and institutions could do little to improve the quality of the air before it entered their systems, hence entry of airborne debris places greater demand on the maintenance process.

Air Intake Filtration Solves The Problem
Unlike traditional internal filter banks used in air handling units, air intake filters are installed on the system at the point where fresh air enters into the system thus filtering out debris before it can become a problem. air intake filters can also be installed on cooling towers, air-cooled chillers and condenser units or any fresh air intake opening. Air intake filtration is specifically designed to stop cottonwood, pollen, leaves, insects, birds, paper, construction debris and other airborne matter from being drawn into air intake openings.

The Benefits Of Air Intake Filtration On Your Systems: regardless of the technology used to process incoming fresh air, the challenge has always been keeping cooling towers and other hvac systems clean because as fresh air is drawn from the outside into the system, it brings along with it a wide range of airborne debris that can impact air quality and clog the system, ultimately leading to downtime for cleaning and maintenance. By Randy Simmons