Wind Guard for Low Ambient Operation

Wind Guard for Low Ambient Operation

Air Solution Company today announced the introduction of its enhanced condenser coil Wind Guard System which is designed to help prevent compressor stalling during low ambient operation by preventing frigid air movement through the prevailing wind side of condenser coils.

“Although it seems counter intuitive to prevent airflow through a condenser coil, it is important to note that frigid ambient temperatures offset the air flow in rejecting heat.  It takes as little as a 5 mph breeze blowing through condenser coils during frigid temperatures to dissipate the minimum heat required by the compressor for start-up;  When this happens, process chillers can stall – leaving production equipment and operations starved for cooling until the compressors can be started”  said Randy Simmons, VP & GM.

Traditional methods of preventing frigid air from directly passing through the coil include building a brick wind barrier around the chiller, attaching cardboard, plastic and plywood over the coil – Some OEM’s offer expensive, low ambient kits that assist in low ambient start-up.

Constructed of a heavy duty, fiber reinforced vinyl with a reinforced perimeter, grommets and quick release fasteners; the Wind Guard provides a cost effective and tailored solution to the problem.   The fasteners which are included are also compatible with the companies patented Cottonwood Filter Screens which are designed to prevent airborne debris from fouling condenser coils, cooling towers, air handling units and other HVAC systems during Spring, Summer & Fall operation.    Wind Guards are also effective at preventing snow and ice damage to cooling tower sumps and fill during winter shut-down.

For more information about Wind Guards and minimum chiller requirements for use of this product, contact Air Solution Company at 513-860-9784. By Randy Simmons